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How to Trade Crypto Signals – Easy Crypto AI Trading 101 by Crypticorn

An easy beginners and advanced guide to trading with crypto signals and the power of artificial intelligence in the cryptocurrency world.

Blog Post Crypticorn AI Crypto Signals Dashboard AI Smart Trading
Blog Post Crypticorn AI Crypto Signals Dashboard AI Smart Trading

First: An Overview — What is trading with Signals?

Trading with signals has many names: crypto signals, telegram signals, bitcoin signals, trading signals, futures signals, spot signals even discord signals. They all mean the exact same thing: trading based on the information others provide in terms of messages that tell you everything you need to know to make a trade. In the following we refer to them as crypto signals.

The same goes for “trading with signals” which is a commonly used term for this type of trading. So, what are these crypto signals everyone is talking about? Those are trading advices that have all the information a crypto trader needs to open his position at a cryptocurrency exchange like BinanceKuCoin, OKX, Bitget or ByBit.

These trading signals are made by algorithms, professional and experienced crypto traders that use technical analysis, the latest news and a variety of different technical indicators and algorithms. This is how conventional crypto signals are made, but they have weaknesses, and one is the biggest: the human. Crypticorn is different and goes a completely different way. With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence we are able to do what hundreds of crypto trades can’t do. We predict the price of many cryptocurrencies for the next 6 hours, without the influence of any human emotions. This is next level trading with crypto signals. It is AI Signals and AI trading. This will change the world and how everyone trades cryptocurrencies.

How do crypto signals look like?

The Information in the crypto signal (see example below from Crypticorn’s crypto signals) includes everything you need to know:

  • Symbol/Ticker name: BTC / USDT
  • Trade direction: Long or Short
  • Entry Zone, Entry prices
  • Target, Multiple Targets or Take Profit(s)
  • Stop Loss
  • Leverage

With this information you only need to go to your favourite exchange and the perpetual futures area and place the trade. Done.

This type of trading signals are something like “fire-and-forget”. You buy the futures contract, add your take profits (in short TP) and your stop loss (in short SL) and your are done. If you are a more experienced or advanced trader you can follow the trade and adjust the take profit and stop loss accordingly to improve your results and your overall profits.

Crypto Signals Trade: The amazing Results

As you can see, crypto signals are a no-brainer. If you have found a reliable signals provider like Crypticorn you can make a lot of nice profits. I tested them for one day with an even easier strategy. I just their signals and placed the take profit at 25% and the stop loss at 50%. I didn’t do more.

I received 10 crypto signals while testing the signals. The test duration was less then 24 hours which is amazing. The results:

  • ✖ one Loss
  • ✔9 WINS!
Example of some Crypticorn AI Signals
Example of some Crypticorn AI Signals


Overall, this a very good start for newcomers and experienced traders to start profiting from the cryptocurrency world. Crypto signals are suitable for everyone. The only thing you need to check is how reliable the signals are. Do backtests, talk with the community and more. If the signals are good this is the best way to start trading cryptocurrencies.

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