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Crypto Price Predictions made by Artificial Intelligence for Day Traders

Level up your crypto day trading with precise AI crypto price predictions. Trade faster. Trade Easier. Trade more proftiable. Trade with Crypticorn AI.

Chat for cryptocurrency price predictions with artificial intelligence

Complex and Confusing Indicators are the Past. Artificial Intelligence Price Predictions are the Future

We predict the next 6 hours for major cryptocurrencies to make trading as simple as never before.

Easy to understand

With our artificial intelligence you can trade on futures or spot market. crypto futures trading to profit from falling prices.

More than a crypto indicator

Technical analysis, news, Tweets and sentiment analysis combined into one powerful prediction.

Find the perfect entry!

With our AI’s crypto price predictions you can easily find the perfect entry for your trades. Maximise your profits while minimise your risk at the same time.

Find the prefect exit!

When to close your trade? Our Artificial intelligence shows you when you can close your trades at the best time possible.


Why You Should Choose Crypticorn

On top of our price predictions AI, we have a other trading assistant AI that supports you with your trading decisions. Let our trading assistant AI suggest you an optimised take profit, stop loss for maximum profits in every market situation.

One Click Trading

Streamline crypto trading, saving time and effort navigating platforms, simplifying buying/selling cryptocurrencies.

Easier Trading Decision

Our trading assistant AI tells you long, short or not trade.

Trade Directly

Trade directly on the exchange of your choice (Bybit, Bitget, more in the future) without the need to switch between tabs.

TradingView Integration

Add additional indicators, draw lines, etc. Do everything you know from TradingView.

Crypticorn AI Token, AI Ecosystem

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What Makes Us Different?

We utilise advanced machine learning and AI algorithms in combination with a superior sentiment analysis for times series forecating of many cryptocurrencies. Our unique approach gives us the possibility to successfully predict crypto prices. This allows everyone to make profits in any market situation.


Your Advantages of our AI Price Prediction Dashboard in Detail

24/7 Always awake

Our AI is always awake and always gives you new price predictions. She never sleeps, but you have to. You can’t sleep? She is awake and gives you want you need: crypto price predictions.

Advanced trading

Forget about simple technical indicators or bots. The AI already knows all of them. Stop using confusing and complex models. Follow the predictions and trade better.

Faster, better decissions

As a professional trader you can check and confirm your own trading set-up, or use the AI to find a trading set-up faster and more efficient. More good trades means more profits.

Close trades or stay in?

Easier for you to decide if you should close early when the price forecast is in the opposite direction. Or stay in the trade because the prediciton fits your trade. This will maximise your results.

Trade where you are

Get the lastest price forecast for your cryptocurrency where ever you are. Trade from your 9-5, while at a birthday. It doesn’t matter all you need is your phone.

Perfect trade management

Smart trade terminal for quick trades. Track and manage all your trades in one place. Unterstand your trades and improve your crypto trading for better results. (soon)

There are Things We Can’t Predict. But You are the First to Know About Major Events

We analyse everything to give you the best trading results

Information filtered for only one purpose: Be the first to know about them. Be the first to decide what to do. Be the first to profit from news alerts, before others even know about. Swing trading crypto can be so easy with the right tools.

And the best? Our special sentiment artificial intelligence supports your crypto swing trading and day trading. The AI tells you how strong the information is you receive and makes it easier for you to make trading decissions.

New Tweets

… from Elon Musk or other sources have the ability to pump or dump a coin in minutes. This is why we analyse all important Tweets and filter them for you. You only see the important ones.


New announcements like partnerships between companies and cryptocurrencies will pump coins as well. We can’t predict such announcements, but we are able to receive them first and trade accordingly.

News, Reddit & more

News, opinions from Reddit and more are more important than others think. With our smart analysis algortihms we decide what is important for you as crypto day trader.



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Frequent Asked Questions

With our current AI, we require coins with a specific history. This means that the longer the data history, the better we can predict the value of a particular coin. It must also have a certain market capitalization. The smaller the market cap, the easier it is for a few whales to manipulate a coin, and we can’t predict those whales’ movements right now.

As a result, we can accurately predict the largest market cap coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Solana (SOL), as well as smaller market cap coins such as DOT, MANA, INJ, ROSE, and WAVE.

We are currently forecasting the closing price of the next 24 candles. This means that we forecast the next 6 hours for major cryptocurrencies. This will greatly assist you in making trading decisions such as when to open or close a trade.

No, our AI is not conscious. This is not like other artificial intelligence (AI) or chatbots (Large Language Models LLMs). AI models for financial markets, particularly our time series prediction models, are very good at detecting patterns and similarities in price data and, as a result, can predict future values. To make it easier for you to grasp. Consider our AI in this manner:

Experiment with extending the following order: 1,2,3,4,5,6. You guessed 7, right? That’s what a very simple AI (linear regression model) looks like. Our model is just a lot more complicated.

This is heavily dependent on the resources we have. We can make a new prediction every 15 to 30 minutes with our current resources.

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