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We Are Crypticorn, And We Make AI Trading Accessible To You!

We have created the ultimate AI crypto trading solutions for the next generation that will make you money consistently, even if you have little to no experience.

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Crypticorn’s Core Values

We are Crypticorn, and we are revolutionizing automated crypto trading with artificial intelligence. Our vision is to create tools that are secure, transparent but most importantly profitable. No confusing charts or numbers that do not tell the whole story. Your long-term profitability is our primary goal, and our state-of-the-art AI crypto tools are resistant to all market conditions.


We are comitted to transparency along our way.


An artificial intelligence that really makes you profits.


Without security the highest profits are useless.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypticorn:

The Experts behind the best artificial intelligence for crypto trading. Ideas, Road map and our Vision for a profitable Future. Crypticorn started 4th January 2022. Our name says what we do: Cryptocurrency and Unicorn – we offer a unique crypto trading you won’t find somewhere else, just like a Unicorn.

Crypticorn’s Mission

We give you access to the best and most powerful artificial intelligence for automated and active cryptocurrency trading to profit from cryptocurrencies without being an expert.

Dear Reader,

we are six innovative minds that founded Crypticorn in 2022. We share a common goal: to make Crypto Trading accessible to everyone and offer easy understandable products for experts and beginners alike.

We believe in the power of education when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies and we are dedicated to providing both beginners and experts with the information they need to succeed. A key part of Crypticorn will involve helping newbies get started early while also giving experienced traders helpful resources such as technical indicators. We see ourselves as mentors who will help you become a professional trader. Our goal is to help you make more informed and profitable decisions when trading cryptocurrencies.

Crypticorn is the first company to bring a real artificial intelligence to the crypto trading market. Our AI is highly trained and helps you make better decisions with your investments. We offer high quality predictions from our AI in order to give you the best product on the market. Through highest quality we are able to make accurate predictions about each coin. Our powerful AI makes it easy for anyone to make more profit from trading cryptocurrencies and provides the best chance of success.

We are constantly working to improve our products and make it the best it can be. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!




Join The Force With A Global Team

DarthJohannes, M.Eng.

Founder and CEO

More than 5 years of experience with crypto and DEX trading, algo trading, artificial intelligence and CEO of a SaaS/e-commerce business.

Sarah_MT, M.Sc.


Design, marketing and social media manager for Crypticorn. More than 5 years experience in her field.



Front-end, back-end and mobile developer for Crypticorn’s awesome and fancy prediction dashboard and web3.

Jarvis, B.Sc


Cyber Security Expert 10+ Years of experience in DevSecOps, Backend Development and Automation

Danny, Phd.

Head of Trading Strategies 

Developer for trading strategies and machine learning algorithms.

Zahid, B.Sc.

Backend Software Engineer

Back-end developer and for algorithmic trading strategies.

SpicyMarketer, M.Sc.


Marketing, SEO, paid ads with more than 10 years of experience in his field.


Cryptocurrency Trader

Cryptocurrency Trading Expert and Educator for AI Trader Signals

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