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Effortless Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading for You.

Trade Faster Easier with AI

to maximise your profits.

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You don't know where the market goes? Our Artificial Intelligence does. And you can profit from it.

It's easy to predict future cryptocurrency prices when everyone uses stupid and simple algorithmic trading bots and twitters his opinion about the market.

AI Crypto Signals

Prediction Dashboard

AI Trading Bots

Copy Trading

Safe and Secure

Connect to your AI Trading Bots via API Keys only you control. You are in full control always.

24/7 Artificial Intelligence

Don’t worry about bad or good news or events. Our AI is always awake and knows what to do to protect your assets.

Perfect Risk Management

Our AI manages and handles the risk to offer maximum performance with minimal risk.

All you need for better Cryptocurrency Trading

Decide what fits you the most. With our artificial intelligence we offer you powerfull tools from active to passive trading.

AI Crypto Signals

All you need to know to place your trades plain simple in one message. All day long.

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AI Automated Investing - AIVA

Let our Artificial Intelligence Trade for you. Fully automated while you do the things you like to do.

Prediction Dashboard

Better than every indicator. Trade with the power of our Artificial Intelligence and get predictions to more than 100+ coins in real time. 

AI Crypto Trading with CRYPTICORN is for you if you're...

A Crypto Trading Beginner

Looking for a solution to profit from the cryptocurrency markets and don’t know where to start with AI crypto signals, AI trading bots.

Anyone in between

Who just wants to profit from automtated trading, autopilot investing in cryptocurrencies to AI crypto signals, AI trading bots and live price predictions.

A Professional Crypto Trader

Wanting to improve results by finding better trading set-ups faster, improve trade entries and exits. With AI crypto trading this is what you get.

The most powerful Arificial Intelligence Crypto Trading Tools in your Hand

Our AI gets you to the Moon in every market situation

Live Predictions

Our AI never sleeps and gives you 24/7 new cryptocurrency price predictions.

90+ Coins available

Trade the coins you like. We predict prices for more than 90 Cryptocurrencies.

Optimised Trading

Find better Entries and Exits for maximum profits.

Passive Trading

Join our copy trading system to make passive profits from CRYPTICORN’s AI.

More than an Indicator

Our AI combines technical analysis with sentiment from Twitter and more.

Better every Day

Our AI doesn’t stop. It gets better and better and more precise every single day.

Join the revolution and get the best from trading with AI in one place. Don’t get stuck in the stone age with simple grid bots or DCA bots. Take your crypto trading to the next level and make the most out of it and grow your funds with artificial intelligence. 

How to start with CRYPTICORN?

Step 1
Decide on how you want to trade: active, passive or both?
Step 1
Step 2
Sign Up
Create an Account to get Access.
Step 2
Step 3
Start Trading/ Monitor
Start trading with our AI Signals, Prediction Dashboard or just monitor your portfolio passively grow.
Step 3

AI Crypto Signals

Our Futures and Spot trading signals are sent to you via Discord and Telegram and are the perfect start for active trading.
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Crypto Price Prediction Dashboard

The Ultimate Crypto Indicator. CRYPTICORN’s AI unfiltered price predictions in real time. The must-have for every Crypto Day and Swing Trader.

Automated AI Trading Bot

Grow your funds on auto-pilot. 100% automated and passive with our AI trading bots. The perfect solution for all that want to build a passive income.

Why trade with CRYPTICORN's artificial intelligence?

Stop using plain simple algorithms. Start with next level investing and trading and the use of a powerful artificial intelligence. We make available what hedge funds use for you. 

24/7 Market Monitoring

Our AI analyses the market 24 hours a day, every day what a human trader can’t. But we can, this makes us superior and gives you the chance to profit every second.

Analyse News and Sentiment

Our A.I. analyses the latest news, twitter posts, fear and greed index and more. Our AI knows how the market feels and based on this sentiment we are able to predict the market better than simple algorithms.

Technical Indicators?

Our AI knows all of them. No simple trading strategies with two or three indicators. All of them together are analysed by our artificial intelligence and converted into a simple prediction chart everyone is able to understand.

No Human Emotions

Unless human crypto traders our AI has no emotions like fear and greed that affect the trading negatively. No ill-considered actions jeopardizing your profit.

Automated AI Crypto Trading Bots for passive Traders

Easily Outperfoms every Grid or DCA Bot

With superior artificial intelligence crypto trading you are easily able to outperform grid bots, DCA bots, actually all trading bots based on technical indicators. Our AI trading bot makes more profits with lower risk.

AI trading bots - fully automated investing

Our AI trading bots run fully automated and trade based on artificial intelligence price predicitons. You don’t need to choose between different indicators, strategies and complex algorithms, because this was what the AI does for you.

Perfect Risk-Reward Management by our AI

With our AI Crypto Bot your portfolio will be perfectly balanced to minimise risk and maximise the profits. As automatedand simple as investing in a hedge fund.

Crypticorn’s automated Artificial Intelligence Investing and Trading is available soon. Join us today and don’t miss the launch for you to start growing your crypto portfolio fully automated.

What successful traders achieve with CRYPTICORN

See what our early bird testers say about CRYPTICORN.

Before Crypticorn I used a variety of different indicators or algorithms for may day trading. I am in the beta testers group of the prediction dashboard to test artificial intelligence crypto trading and I am astonished how could this works, much better than every other indicator or algorhtm. I can't wat for their ai trading bots to be released!
AI trading and trading bots is the next level. I have been testing the ai trading signals and they have been really good besides the fact Crypticorn's Roadmap isn't finished and they are still improving the artificial intelligence and hence the ai crypto signals.
Crypticorn Beta Tester
Crypto artificial intelligence is definitely the next level for crypto trading. AI crypto signals is the easy entry for everyone. I sadly hadn't access to the 'Prediciton Dashboard', yet. Artificial intelligence crypto trading is the future and I am the early adopter and won'T miss it. I will be the first that would sign up for that.
Crypticorn Beta Tester
I have been day trading crypto for a few years as a hobby. I’ve tried many different methods over the last few years, but it’s been a complete game changer to combine my strategies while verifying with the AI dashboard that I’m on the right track. I have made many gains of 40% or more using this method. Once the auto-trader is operational, it’s GAME ON!! The Crypticorn team works tirelessly 24/7 to make sure that the project stays on track and improvements are continuously made every day.
Crypticorn Beta Tester

The Experts behind CRYPTICRON

The Team of Six behind CRYPTICORN is based in Germany and has many years of experience with investing and trading stocks, forex and Cryptocurrencies.

Latest blog articles

Keep up to date with the latest updates from artificial intelligence trading, crypto indicators, trends and expert insights to make the most out of your funds.

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Crypticorn's Artificial Intelligence Crypto Price Predictions

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How does a crypto trading AI work? Is it real?

How do we predict cryptocurrency prices with artificial intelligence

6+ years of price charts

Our artificial intelligence was trained on more than 6 years of candle stick price data.

Every technical Indicator

We analyse every technical indicator that you ever know. There is no technical indicator she doesnt know.

56+ bln Tweets analysed

Our sentiment AI was trained on more than 56+ bln Tweets. And it gets more daily.

120+ TB monthly data

We analyse and evaluate more data than an average middle sized company to make the best predictions.

Black Swan Events

We developed special algorithms for better risk management to securely prevent us from big losses.

Forget simple Bots

Simple DCA, Grid and other bots follow always the same rules making it easy for us to predict there trading.

Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading FAQ

We help you with the most common asked question about ai trading and Crypticorn

Why should I use Crypticorn?

More than 85% of crypto traders lose money because markets trade 24/7, with high volatility which make it difficult to make a decision to buy or sell. Many significant data such as blockchain metrics or sentiment analysis are hard to interpret by humans. That is why our AI processes all these information 24/7 and shows it to you via AI crypto signals, or you use our automated AI trading bots. If you are a active trader you can use our Prediction Dashboard to improve your trading.

Is it save to use? API Keys are the best way.

Safety and security is one of our main priorities. Besides Crypticorn does not store your funds, and our AI trading bots have access to your account on the exchange via API keys to trade only. You do not provide access to any other actions, and you are in full control of your funds.

What is a trading bot?

A trading bot is a computer program designed by traders or developers to buy and sell assets for you at the right time based on a trading strategy. A bot is also called an algorithm.

Is AI used in cryptocurrency?

AI is used in cryptocurrency trading or for special ai trading bots and ai crypto signals to predict the price of BTC, LTC and other coins and traded based on those price predictions.

Are crypto trading bots worth it?

In our opinion you won’t be profitable with simple Grid bots, dca bots or option bots. Those crypto trading bots are static and stupid bots that just do the same. But when the market changes – which it does in the crypto world very often – you will lose. 
Artificial Intelligence crypot trading is different. It is worth, because our AI adjusts to the market and considers much more than technical indicators. 

Can you automated crypto trading?

Automating ai crypto trading is what we offer here. We have multiple bots to automate crypto trading. From simple trading bots that follow every of our ai crypto signals to super complexe ai trading bots that are self adjusting based on the price predicitons.  

What is the best crypto trading bot?

Crypticorn’s AI trading bots are a master piece. You won’t find anyone able to compete with a bot that trades based on crypto price predictions from a superior AI. So we can clearly say that we are market leading with our artificial intelligence technology.

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