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Easy and Profitable Futures Trading with AI Crypto Signals

Start into the futures with the easiest way to trade crypto futures: AI Crypto signals are here. All you need to know to start crypto futures trading explained.

Today you will learn everything you need to start trading crypto futures with CRYPTICORN’s AI Crypto Signals. We start with the signals itself before we take a look into correct risk management. After this blog post you will be able to trade successfully and profitably. This guide was written for complete newbies, experts and everyone in between. The only thing you should know is how to open and close futures trades on your favourite cryptocurrency exchange (we will talk about this in a different blog post).

AI Crypto Signals from Discord and Telegram for Beginners

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a risky endeavor, but our artificial intelligence (AI) crypto signals will help you minimize your losses and maximize your gains. With advantages like improved accuracy of market forecasting and reduced investment costs, there’s no better tool to take your cryptocurrency trading to the next level.

Predictive Models Provide Accurate Results

AI crypto signals use predictive models to analyze large amounts of data and market trends, giving you accurate forecasts of how the market will behave. This allows you to adjust your strategies accordingly and stay one step ahead of the game, giving you a competitive edge in cryptocurrency trading.

Make faster Decisions and manage Risk more Efficiently.

Using AI crypto signals can help you make faster decisions about when and where to invest. This is because the AI-driven analysis allows traders to quickly identify market trends and chart patterns, which can inform their strategy. Having access to these insights eliminates the need for manual analysis and reduces the amount of time spent in-market. Additionally, having an AI partner can also help manage risk more efficiently as it offers traders more accurate predictions and better visibility over their portfolio.

Advantages of Crypto Signals for Futures Trading

Here a few advantages for trading with crypto signals:

  1. mproved accuracy of trading decisions
  2. Reduced time for analysis and decision making
  3. Access to expert market analysis and insights
  4. Diversification of trading portfolio
  5. Potential for increased profits through algorithmic trading.
  6. Increased efficiency in identifying profitable trades
  7. Potential to minimize emotions-based mistakes
  8. Ability to automate trades and take advantage of market opportunities
  9. Access to a wider range of trading opportunities through various cryptocurrencies.

How to trade with AI Crypto Signals

Structure of our signals

Below I have attached one of our AI crypto signals from Discord. With this crypto signal you get everything you need to know. The biggest advantage of our signals for trading is the time frame. If the time is over you can close the trade. This means you don’t need to wait any longer. This makes it super easy for you to exit the trade. Another huge advantage is that we don’t need to split our order into take five single take profits or more.

  1. The trade direction: SHORT or LONG
  2. The coin pair: SOL/USDT
  3. Entry price or “Entry”: 24.60
  4. Take Profit (one or multiple ones) or “TP”: 23.80
  5. Stop Loss or “SL”: 24.80
  6. Leverage: 20x
  7. Time frame: 6h or updates

You have everything you need. The only thing left is for you to execute the trade on your favourite cryptocurrency exchange like Bybit, Binance, KuCoin and so on.

AI Crypto Signals Discord  for Futures Trading Cryptocurrencies
AI Crypto Signals Discord for Futures Trading Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Trading Risk Management – rule of thumb

Besides knowing what to trade, where to place your take profits and stop loss it is more important to do proper risk management and position size or order size. As the saying goes “don’t put all eggs into one basket”. And this is even more true for futures trading. Not all of our trading signals will succeed. Hence you need to spilt the total funds you have for trading. As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t use more than 2 to 5% of your total funds available for futures trading. Need an example?

Example one:

You have 2000 USDT in your futures account or derivatives account. With 5% you should use 100 USDT per trade without leverage. This gives you room for 20 possible positions. If you would use 2% per trade you should use 40 USDT per trade without leverage which will result in a maximum of 50 positions.

What is the minimum funds you need for futures trading? Well, it depends. There are multiple factors that come into the play. First of all the price/fees of the signals is important. You should make much more in profits than you pay for the signals. It wouldn’t make sense for you to pay for signals that give you a bad ROI. Luckily for you you found CRYPTICORN’s AI Crypto Signals where you have a good ROI and as no fees for trading the signals (as of now you can try it for free).

How to trade with crypto signals

Okay, so what exactly are the steps you need to do? First you wait for the signal. After you receive the signal you have two options:

  1. You are an experienced trade and want to do your own technical analysis
  2. You have not that much experience and want to trade right away

In any case you would wait till the entry requierments are met. If the entry price is reached or the price is within the entry range you can open the order. Before you open the order you need to calculate the order size based on the rule of thumb for crypto trading risk management we just told you. Next is to check the coin pair, trade direction and leverage. The trade direction – SHORT or LONG – just means if we want to profit from falling prices (SHORT) or rising prices (LONG).

Now we have everything to open the position: coin pair (SOL/USDT), leverage (20x), trade direction (SHORT), order size (calculated by you) and we waited for the entry. After we opened the trade we need to place the take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL). This indicates where our trade will be automatically closed – hopefully with a nice profit.

With CRYPTICORN’s AI crypto signals there is one difference: the time frame. If take profit or stop loss isn’t reached within the time frame you need to act. You can do your own analysis, check if we made an update or just close the trade. Why? Because as of writing this we predict the price chart for the next 6 hours. After that we don’t know where the price could go.


So, know you have a short overview on how to trade our AI crypto signals. You learned what the abbreviations in the signal mean and a short introduction into crypto trading risk management. You only need to copy the values, calculate your order size and trade on the exchange of your choice. Now you only need to wait for the profit to be made fully automated.

AI crypto signals Discord profits form futures trading
AI crypto signals Discord profits form futures trading

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