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Crypto Day Trading with a MACD Technical Indicator Strategy

Crypto day trading with the MACD technical indicator for the crypto markets

Learn everything about crypto day trading with the MACD technical indicator for profitable strategies and trading results. MACD indicator combined with AI. What is a Technical Indicator in Crypto Trading? In cryptocurrency trading, a technical indicator is a mathematical calculation or pattern-based tool that traders use to analyse historical price data, identify trends, and forecast […]

Crypto Short Squeeze/Long Squeeze: The Profit Guide

Explained: Crypto Short Squeeze and Crypto Long Squeeze for Liqudity on Centralised Exchanges - The Guide

Understand crypto short squeezes and crypto long squeezes to make profits, or avoid lossing money. Learn everything you need to know in this crypto pump market. Liquidity in crypto trading refers to the ease with which assets can be bought or sold in the market without causing a significant change in the asset’s price. Let […]

News Trading Telegram Crypto Bot for Huge Profits! Guide

Crypticorn's Crypto Telegram Trading Bot for market moving news with AI sentiment analysis for news trading

Guide to crypticorn’s super fast cryptocurrency telegram news trading bot. Trade crypto market moving news with AI sentiment analysis as Telegram Bot. What are Telegram Trading Bots? First things first: Telegram trading bots have emerged as powerful tools in the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading, seamlessly integrating automated crypto trading strategies with Telegram’s user-friendly interface. […]

Backtesting a Protitable AI Crypto Trading Bot for Bitcoin

Amazing backtesting results of Crypticorn's AI crypto trading bot: 68% in 104 days

An AI crypto trading bot for bitcoin based on crypto price predictions made with machine learning. Amazing backtesting results yield 68% profit in 104 days during bear market! Introducing our cutting-edge cryptocurrency AI trading bot for pair trading! Our trading bot, designed to improve your trading experience, employs artificial intelligence to identify profitable opportunities in […]

Beginners Guide: How to trade Crypto with Support and Resistance

Crypto day trading with support and resistance lines - price chart example

Easily master cryptocurrency trading with support & resistance. Understand price psychology, role reversal & AI tools for successful crypto day trading. Learn How to Trade Cryptocurrencies In technical analysis, support and resistance are two fundamental ideas. Reading pricing charts correctly requires an understanding of both the meaning of these terms and how they are used in […]

Easy and Profitable Futures Trading with AI Crypto Signals

AI Crypto Signals Discord for Futures Trading Cryptocurrencies

Start into the futures with the easiest way to trade crypto futures: AI Crypto signals are here. All you need to know to start crypto futures trading explained. Today you will learn everything you need to start trading crypto futures with CRYPTICORN’s AI Crypto Signals. We start with the signals itself before we take a […]

2023| How to (NOT) trade crypto with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence Cryptocurrency trading: crypto price prediction of MANA

AI crypto trading is the latest and greatest thing to do! And we show you how (not) to do it and still make profits! What are we going to do today? I want to show you how to trade cryptocurrencies with AI and crypto price predictions. If you are reasonable trader, you will not like […]

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