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AI Crypto Signals. The Future Made By Artificial Intelligence Ready To Be Copied By You.

Start into the future with AI crypto signals Telegram and Discord. It's like copy trading our artificial intelligence for futures and spot market.

Best AI Crypto Signals for Telegram and Discord: Futures Signals AI Trading Telegram Signals with price predictions and take profit, stop loss, trading side

Real Profit Examples From Our Members

Join our Discord and see the latest profits of those who are already trading and winning with Crypticorn’s AI crypto signals.

AI Crypto Futures Trading:
Make Profits As Long As The Market Moves

AI Price Predictions

We use advanced technology combined with deep learning and machine learning algorithms to predict cryptocurrency prices and trading signals.

24/7 AI Trading

Don’t worry about bad or good news or events. Our AI is always awake and knows what to do to protect your assets. Get crypto signals all day long.

Perfect Risk Management

Our AI manages and handles the risk to offer maximum performance with minimal risk during every market cycle.

Artificial Intelligence Is The Easiest Way To Trade Futures Crypto Signals.

📈 Trade direction

Tells you if it is a Long (profit from rising prices) or a Short (profit from falling prices) trade. You can trade all Longs on the spot market.

➡️ Entry price

This tells you how long you can enter the trade after the signal was given.

🔴 Stop Loss

To limit losses in case something goes wrong or some bad news come in we use a Stop Loss on all of our trades.

🏞️ Prediction picture

Every signal comes with an easy to understand crypto prediction – this gives you room for custom changes.

📶 Symbol

The cryptocurrency for the crypto trading signal, mostly paired with USDT.

✅ Only one Take Profit

The price at which the trade will be automatically closed with a profit. The PercentageMax tells you the expected profit without leverage.

🚀 Leverage

The leverage tells you how much you leverage your trade on the futures market to make bigger gains.

🕒 Time Frame

This is the time after you can close the trade when TP or SL aren’t triggered.

How to Get Crypticorn's Premium AI Crypto Signals?

Signals ready to be copied by you. Nothing more. Crypto trading can be this simple with Crypticorn.


Join our Groups

Join our Discord or Telegram group where we send the trading signals.


Wait for Signal

Receive a trading signal with all the information you need.


Start Trading

Place spot trades or trade crypto futures on the exchange of your choice.


It Is Much Easier Than You Think

Everyone can start with Crypticorn's AI crypto signal.
All you need is a helping hand to start and this is Crypticorn AI.

24/7 Crypto Trading Signals

Our AI and signals algorithm don’t sleep unlike human traders. You can trade every day and every time with our crypto discord signals.

Advanced Crypto Signals

Besides just some numbers we send the AI’s price prediction with every discord crypto signal for maximum transparency and room for adjustments.

Discord Trading Group

Don’t follow or pay for multiple discord trading groups, when you can follow the only trading group that works with a real artificial intelligence for maximum performance and profits.

Easily Grow Your Funds

Perfect for newbies and beginners. Easy to understand and easy to make first profits. This is what Crypticorn does for you.

Mobile Crypto Trading

You only need a smartphone and a cryptocurrency exchange to start. This is how easy you earn money with your phone.

Perfect Risk Management

Even our elite crypto discord signals have the best risk-reward management implemented, so you don’t need to do it. Maximise your profits with this in-build system.


Unlocking Profit Potential

Check this video and discover what you can achieve with our AI crypto signals.

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Frequent Asked Questions

We do not generate the signals. Another AI-based algorithm generates our crypto signals and sends them to our Discord or Telegram channels. We don’t make the signals, it’s an AI that decides and works 24/7. When there is a profitable opportunity for you to profit, the AI algorithm decides and sends a signal. Our BTC backtests show that there are approximately 3 to 5 Bitcoin signals per day.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. When you’re a beginner, it’s difficult to respond. The win rate is meaningless on its own. There are many fraudsters out there boasting win rates of more than 90% while having a risk-reward-ratio (RRR) of 5:1 or worse. If you’re new to this, don’t stop here. You’ve come to the right place to learn about profitable AI crypto signals. Crypticorn looks at the big picture as well as our backtesting results which show great results! 

Check out our members profits in Discord and Telegram. 

Our cryptocurrency trading signals are unique and different from others. Crypticorn provides simplicity along with profitable trading signals. Unlike others, we provide crypto trading signals with only one take profit and one stop loss, in addition to trading direction (long or short), entry price, leverage, and trade time. You can easily copy all of your trading signals with a single take profit and stop loss.

In addition, you will receive a price prediction from the AI in case you want to make changes to the signal yourself.


Our AI crypto signals are shared via our premium Telegram groups and Discord channels.

You can use our crypto signals to trade futures contracts on any cryptocurrency exchange. It makes no difference which exchange you use; they are nearly identical. Binance Futures, Bybit Derivatives, KuCoin, Bitget, MEXC, BingX, and all the others are available. It is only necessary that you have access to a futures/derivatives exchange. In addition to the previously mentioned centralised exchanges (CEX), you can also use a decentralised exchange (DEX) such as pancakeswap or dydx.

Our primary goal is to provide crypto futures signals, which allow you to profit from rising and falling prices. If you are not comfortable trading futures or derivatives, you can trade them on the spot market. Spot signals can be obtained by trading only the long signals. We intend to develop a special AI algorithm for spot signals only. Crypticorn’s goal is to provide you with exactly the type of signals you prefer while also making a profit.

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