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2023| How to (NOT) trade crypto with artificial intelligence

AI crypto trading is the latest and greatest thing to do! And we show you how (not) to do it and still make profits!

What are we going to do today? I want to show you how to trade cryptocurrencies with AI and crypto price predictions. If you are reasonable trader, you will not like what I am going to show you.

So, what do we need for this experiment?

  1. Access to a crypto exchange to trade futures
  2. A working artificial intelligence like CRYPTICORN or someone with access to it
  3. Someone or something that sends you crypto currency price predictions
  4. Money you can lose
  5. Being a little bit nuts will also help

Number 1 everyone should already have. You can trade Binance Futures or Bybit Futures/Derivatives (no KYC here – woohoo). So, before we go into detail let’s explain Crypticorn and what it does for you in short.

What is artificial intelligence crypto trading?

At Crypticorn we are developing a real artificial intelligence that predicts 15min candles for various cryptocurrencies. But instead of hiding those predictions somewhere, everyone will be able to get the unfiltered output of the AI, at least very soon. For now, only a few people have early access to this monster. This is the reason you need someone with access to this tool. So, right now we have numbers 2 and 3. Let’s move on!

How to trade with cryptocurrencies with AI

Before we make use of number 5 – being a little bit nuts, we want to take a small look into how you should trade with our AI. Before opening a position, you should do at least the following steps:

  1. You feeling alright? Are you calm? No FOMO, not greedy? Greed, FOMO, and impatience are the main reasons for taking losses.
  2. Check if the prediction is reasonable. Do what you would normally do: trend analysis, check chart patterns, draw support and resistance lines, etc.
  3. Risk management! Understand the basics of risk management. As a rule of thumb: Do not use more than 5% of your total funds per trade.
  4. And as we are trading with AI, check if the prediction is up to date.

This is how a rational person would trade and will succeed in trading cryptocurrencies. But as we are in crypto, we can put everything aside and make use of numbers 4 and 5. So, let’s move on. This is how you should not trade crypto – despite the chance you may win.

How (NOT) to trade with artificial intelligence

If you are a reasonable trader, I recommend that you stop reading. However, for everyone else , enjoy this guide on how (not) to trade cryptocurrencies.

1. Get a crypto price prediction (from a friend with access).

 Here for example is our friend that randomly shows us a prediction from the AI which could be traded. As you can see, he tries to warn us with the typical “Not a financial advice” bullshit – which we are going to happily ignore. If our trades, go south we can still blame him for it.

Artificial intelligence Cryptocurrency trading: crypto price prediction of MANA
Artificial intelligence Cryptocurrency trading: crypto price prediction of MANA

2. Go to your Exchange and open the futures trade section.

We don’t do any further checks, we go  straight to our trusted exchange, open the futures page. We want to make huge profits and instant Lambo, so, we want to short the first small dip and type in the numbers with maximum leverage of course. We don’t do proper risk management, as this is obviously for noobs. We hit open short and after two seconds of guess work, we type in some random take profits and stop loss. We are done and can forget about the trade.

3. Make decent profits from our no-brainer trade.

We put in no efforts at all. We did the exact opposite of what a reasonable trader would do… and hence we see the results of our doings… A super clean and easy peasy winning highly profitable trade. We are proud of  ourselves as we made big profits in a few hours. Every reasonable trader would stop here, but we aren’t this type of trader. So, what do we do?

Crypto price prediction Trade SHORT: MANA profits
Crypto price prediction Trade SHORT: MANA profits

4. Open the next trade on the same old prediction?  

Correct! Trading again. We could take our time and go back to step 1 – but instead we just take the prediction we already have and trade again.

The short trade was won, we are now at the bottom of the price prediction and the first small dump was perfectly predicted by the AI. So, we do the same as we did before. We switch our brain back into go nuts mode, go to our exchange’s futures trading page, and just open a long position on the same coin. No risk management or whatsoever because we know this is for noobs. We are no noobs, as we already made a successful trade. Hit maximum leverage and hit open long. We set take profit and stop loss again and instantly forget about our doings – again.

Crypto Trade with AI LONG Mana for profits 2
Crypto Trade with AI LONG Mana for profits 2

And well, we made profits again. Two no-brainer trades resulted in a total of 50% profits. We are proud of  ourselves and ready to do it again.


I hope everyone understood the irony I put into this post… sadly the profits of this are real and it worked like a charm for us. But this won’t always be the case. When you start trading with Crypticorn’s artificial intelligence educate yourself about the basics, risk management and don’t go nuts as we just did.

You won’t to see more of this? Follow us, share it with friends and start brainless trading crypto! 


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