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$AIC Token. Your Chance To Enter The New World Of Real AI Crypto Trading

Buy $AIC. Get Access to the whole Crypticorn AI Trading ecosystem: Crypto AI Signals, fully Automated AI Trading Bots and the unique Price Prediction Dashboard.

-> Every participant has the chance to win $100 once a month.


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The First Real Artficial Intelligence That Makes Accurate Price Predictions

Start using AI and starting earning in every market condition.

Crypticorn AI price predictions: AI Crypto Trading Signals, cryptocurrency price predictions charts for futures and spot trading

Earn With The Awesome $AIC Token Benefits

Early Access

Invest early into Crypticorn's token and get instantly access to the whole Crypticorn AI ecosystem.

Lifetime Free Access

Invest and hold Crypticorn tokens for free and unlimited access to our services and products.

Lucrative Rewards and Incentives

Hold Crypticorn's token and receive air drops, rewards and more. Earn by holding our token and profit from our success.

The Best Crypto Trading Tools Powered By Superior Artificial Intelligence

AI Crypto Trading Signals

Superior AI Trading signals for active traders that paves the way for beginners at the lowest price range. Distinct from typical offerings, our signals provide clear profit-taking guidelines, complemented by visualized AI price projections. This makes them intuitive and only needs the trader to place the order on the exchange of his choice.

AI Trading Bots

AI trading bots will be available for all investors that want to beat the market by a big margin fully automated. Our fully automated trading bots will ensure profits in every market as the AI and the risk management will automatically adjust to every market.

AI Trading Bot, AI trading bots for spot trading, futures trading

Price Prediction Dashboard with Trading Terminal and AI Trading Assistance

Crypticorn’s ecosystem centers around a powerful price prediction dashboard, delivering accurate AI forecasts. Our smart trading terminal connects users to major exchanges, while AI-driven suggestions enhance trading decisions, benefiting both experienced and novice traders.
Price Prediction Dashboard, faster set-up identification, precise entry and exit points, optimized profit-taking, and improved trend-following, leading to superior trading

Advanced AI for NFTs, DEX, DeFi and Small Projects

With our in-depth AI expertise and leading-edge sentiment analysis we have developed a huge edge about smaller DEX projects and NFTs. We can leverage our AI system to profit from newly listed DEX projects and NFTs to analyse the sentiment on when to buy and sell to maximise profits.

Advanced On-Chain and Sentiment Analysis for NFTs and Small Projects, Dex

Official Partnerships

Demonstrating The Remarkable Profitability Of Our Automated AI Trading Bots

Over a comprehensive testing period of 69 Days, our backtesting revealed an awesome total return on investment (ROI) of 68.54%. In the same time Bitcoin (BTC) buy-and-hold only yieled 15% ROI. Crypticorn's AI outperformed Bitcoin by more than 4x in the same time!

Amazing backtesting results of Crypticorn's AI crypto trading bot: 68% in 104 days

The $AIC Token That Powers The Whole Crypticorn AI Ecosystem

Our token with the ticker โ€œAICโ€ can be used to get access to the whole Crypticorn ecosystem, to pay for the services and products and much more.

AIC - AI Crypticorn Tokenomics for crypto ai trading ecosystem

Automated Telegram Trading Bot

Get AI crypto signals, automated trading bots, news trading and more delivered to you through a Telegram trading bot. No matter where you are.

๐Ÿ“ˆ AI News Trading

Super fast news trading for quick gains on a daily basis. Our Telegram trading bot for news is super fast and offers AI sentiment insights to help you make better trading decissions.

๐Ÿค– Fully Automated Bot

Start earning passive income with our fully automated AI trading bots. Pick the bot that fits your risk appetite and watch your assets grow. (soon)

๐Ÿ“ถ Crypto Signals

Get easy and profitable trading signals through our Telegram trading bot. Trade them with one click, fully automated or easily make adjustments to your likes.

๐Ÿ” Secure API Connection

We don't take custody of your funds. All trades are executed on your behalf via so called API keys that allow only trading, but no withdraw. Your funds are secure at the exchange.

Tokenomics Of The AIC Utility Token

2% buy and sell tax which will be reduced by increasing market cap.

Total supply of 100,000,000 $AIC tokens ever.

The token ecosystem will be deflationary with buybacks and burns.

Crypticorn $AIC Tokenomics

AI Crypticorn Tokenomics for AIC, AI Trading Bots, AI Crypto Signals and more powered by AIC Tokenomics Pie chart
2% SAFT Agreement
3 months cliff, monthly unlock for 12 months
2.5% Seed-Sale
1-month cliff, monthly unlock for 12 months
8% Round 2 (First Public Round)
1-month cliff, monthly unlock for 10 months
11.5% Round 3
monthly unlock for 12 months
12.5% Round 4
monthly unlock for 10 months
15% Round 5
5% at launch, monthly unlock for 6 months
15% Round 6
10% at launch, monthly unlock for 6 months
5% Team
6 months cliff, monthly unlock for 16 months
5% Rewards/Incentives
10% unlock at launch, monthly unlock for 24 months
2.5% Airdrops
10% unlock at launch, monthly unlock for 12 months
2.5% Marketing
10% unlock at launch, monthly unlock for 12 months
2.5% Development
10% unlock at launch, monthly unlock for 12 months
2.5% Reserves
6 months cliff, monthly unlock for 24 months
2% Advisors
10% unlock at launch, monthly unlock for 18 months
10% Liquidity
100% unlock at launch

Token Contract

Use the contract information below to add the $AIC token to your wallet.







Token Symbol


Please note that you should not send any token to this address, as doing so many result in the permanent loss of your cryptocurency. 

Road Map

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

Q1 2024

Q2 2024

Q3 2024

Token Incentives For Holders:

Lower fees and exclusive discounts on the plans

Token holders enjoy reduced fees and exclusive discounts on plans, making it cost-effective to access AI-powered insights and services.

Prioritized early access

Token holders get prioritized early access to new features and updates, giving them a competitive edge in trading strategies.

Lifetime access

Holding a specific token amount grants lifetime platform access, eliminating recurring payments and fostering community loyalty.

Option to cover service fees

Tokens can be used to cover various transactional fees, streamlining payment processes and potentially offering discounts.

Access to the API

Token holders gain privileged API access, facilitating the integration of price prediction services into their applications.

Access and payment to the third-party bot marketplace

Tokens are used for access and payments within the third-party bot marketplace, enhancing the trading experience.

Access and payment for the sentiment AI for NFTs/DEX projects

Tokens enable access to sentiment AI tailored for NFTs and DEX projects, empowering data-driven decisions.

Governance/ Voting rights

Token holders participate in governance and decision-making, influencing project direction and partnerships.

Shared rewards and profits

Token holders may receive rewards or profit-sharing, aligning community interests with project success.


Airdrops may be distributed based on loyalty, participation, or token holdings, enriching engagement.

Buyback and burns

Periodic token buybacks and burns aim to decrease supply and increase token value, with specific rules for the Third-Party Bot Marketplace, including a “Crypticorn Verified” badge for trusted bots.

Join The Force With A Global Team

DarthJohannes, M.Eng.

Founder and CEO

More than 5 years of experience with crypto and DEX trading, algo trading, artificial intelligence and CEO of a SaaS/e-commerce business.

Sarah_MT, M.Sc.


Design, marketing and social media manager for Crypticorn. More than 5 years experience in her field.



Front-end, back-end and mobile developer for Crypticorn’s awesome and fancy prediction dashboard and web3.

SpicyMarketer, M.Sc.


Marketing, SEO, paid ads for Crypticorn with more than 10 years of experience in his field.


Backend Software Engineer

Back-end developer and data scientist for Crypticorn’s artificial intelligence.

Zahid, B.Sc.

Backend Software Engineer

Back-end developer and for algorithmic trading strategies.


Cryptocurrency Trader

Cryptocurrency Trading Expert and Educator for AI Trader Signals

Frequent Asked Questions

If you purchase more than 900 $AIC tokens during our ongoing ICO, you will have access to everything we do for the next three months. You have access to the top. This means you can keep your $AIC and do not have to spend it.

To be eligible to participate in our ICO, you must first accept our Terms of Sale (TOS). Then you’ll need a hot wallet, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet, that’s funded with ETH or USDT via ERC20. The next step is to choose the number of tokens you want and begin the purchasing process. Please see our blog posts for a more detailed explanation of this process.

As of now we have the “Price Prediction Dashboard” available and a Telegram Trading Bot for AI Signals and News.ย 

Every day, Crypticorn makes progress! As a result, we can offer new features, updates, and improvements while still making a profit. Because of the rapid pace of development, it is difficult to say exactly what is and is not available. Check out our road map for a quick overview. If you have any specific questions, please visit our social media channels, Discord and Telegram, and ask our community and existing token holders.

The $AIC ICO will run until all rounds are completed. We are collaborating with the most influential people and marketing agencies in the cryptocurrency space in order to fill our ICO as quickly as possible.

Yes, you can buy in multiple rounds without issue. You only need to create a separate wallet address (in MetaMask, this takes one click). This is due to the different vesting periods for each round. With the same wallet, you can buy $AIC in one round.

To verify your $AIC token holdings, simply sign up on app.crypticorn.com and connect your wallet. To gain access to our private Discord group, simply confirm your email address after signing up. The entire procedure is simple and well documented, with step-by-step instructions.

Join Our Community

Join our vibrant community on Discord or Telegram and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about crypto trading, where you can share insights, stay updated on the latest market trends, and collaborate for greater success in the world of crypto trading.

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