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Top 10 Crypto Discord Trading Signal Servers

Discord and Telegram are the best places to get crypto trading signals. However, Discord outshines Telegram with its separate channels feature, with interactive chatrooms for users to ask questions and raise complaints if issues arise. That’s why most people tend to go for Discord trading signals.

Top 10 Discord Trading Signals Servers Header Picture
Top 10 Discord Trading Signals Servers

In this article, we’ll be sharing top-rated Discord servers for crypto trading signals. If you’re looking towards subscribing to one, look no further. Let’s dive in.

Top 5 free crypto trading signal servers

Our top recommended free Discord servers for crypto trading signals are:

  1. Crypticorn
  2. Cryptohub
  3. Trader Beast
  4. Bull Trades Discord Server
  5. Filthy Rich Futures

1. Crypticorn Discord Trading Signals

Crypticorn’s Discord trading signals server is one of the best on our list. It’s completely free and offers second-to-none accurate trading signals 24/7. This round-the-clock functionality is possible because it’s powered by artificial intelligence. 

The AI scans the market for the best trading opportunities for major cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects optimized for various trading styles. So, it suggests futures, spot, margin, and day trading signals, among others. 

In addition, Crypticorn’s signals support a wide range of exchanges, from the popular Binance to OKX, ByBit, Kucoin, and others. 


  • 24/7 live trading signals
  • Accurate AI-powered price prediction
  • Beginner-friendly trading signals


  • Since signals are dropped 24/7, you may miss some if you don’t use an automated trading system.
AI Crypto Signals for Active Day Trading - The easiest way for daily profits
AI Crypto Signals for Active Day Trading – The easiest way for daily profits

2. Cryptohub Discord Trading Signals

Cryptohub’s Discord server comes second on our list. It’s one of the most popular servers on Discord, not just for trading signals but for community engagement and crypto education. It boasts over 21000 members and is completely free to join.

However, Cryptohub’s signals are best optimized for futures trading. So, if you’re looking to day trade or spot trade, you should consider other options or subscribe to its paid plan for alternative trading opportunities. 


  • Accurate crypto trading signals
  • Large user base and supportive community


  • Their signals only support futures and deriv. trading
  • Its paid plan is much more lucrative

3. Trader Beast

Trader Beast Discord trading signals server is our third-best pick for free signals. The server was founded by expert traders with over four years of profitable trading experience. So they know how to navigate financial markets properly. 

They offer multiple signals for different financial markets: crypto, forex, and stock. So, their signals are varied but quite accurate. With a decent win percentage in the bag, Trader Beast crypto signals are highly recommended. In addition, they also provide technical analysis to back up their signals and educational materials for newbies.


  • Free, accurate signals
  • Robust community support and education


  • Two-thirds of their signals aren’t optimized for crypto trading.

4. Bull Trades Discord Server

Bull Trades Discord server is another reasonable option if you want to start trading with crypto signals for free. One advantage Bull Trades has over most other Discord servers is that they prioritize crypto and trading education. They understand that developing persistence, patience, and discipline is essential for anyone looking to trade in the highly volatile crypto market. So, they provide many resources for trading newbies on how to navigate DeFi trading.

But if you want to trade signals, you should consider subscribing to the paid plan, as the free channel is very limited in that regard.


  • Quality crypto education
  • Deep market insights


  • Most crypto signals are on the paid plan

5. Filthy Rich Futures

As its name implies, Filthy Rich Futures is a Discord trading signals provider focusing on crypto futures. They have a large community of over 17k members and offer free and paid signals.

However, the free signals are not as frequent as the paid ones. So, the free community is majorly focused on education.


  • Emphasis on crypto education
  • Vibrant community
  • Free signals


  • Signals are primarily for futures trading

Top 5 paid crypto trading signals servers

The following are our top 5 premium crypto trading signals Discord servers.

  1. Elite Crypto Signals
  2. Axion Crypto-Community
  3. Crypto Signal Masters
  4. Cracking Crypto
  5. Crypto Signals Premium

1. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals are our top trading signal recommendation on Discord. They offer highly accurate signals that match Crypticorn’s efficiency, with a 90% win rate. 

They also have custom chat rooms for discussion and even further analysis by subscribers. One other advantage they have is their customer care. They respond to issues quickly and with valuable answers.

However, they only drop one or two signals per day. So, while that’s not a major con, you should consider other options if that volume is too low for you. Elite Crypto Signals’ paid plans start at $45/month.


  • Highly accurate signals
  • Relatively cheap subscription fees


  • Only one or two signals daily.

2. Axion Crypto-Community

Axion Crypto-Community is another great crypto trading signals platform offering premium signals. It boasts over 35k members, with a ton of them being active. However, even though their signals are pretty good, they don’t have excellent customer support. So, users’ issues can be ignored.

Furthermore, it’s a little pricey, with monthly plans starting at $69.69. However, if you prioritize quality and consistent trading signals, you should get it.


  • Quality trading signals
  • Large member community


  • Very expensive
  • Poor customer support

3. Crypto Signal Masters

Crypto Signal Masters Discord server is an excellent addition to our list. They offer crypto signals, trading reviews, news, and information about upcoming events.

They’re also very affordable, with pricing plans starting from $19/month. However, it has a tiered subscription system with trading signals for select pairs. But even the most expensive plan is still about $20 less than Axion’s. So, it’s a great alternative.


  • Relatively affordable trading signals
  • Quality news and trading info


  • The trading pairs it supports are limited.

4. Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto’s trading signals server comes fourth on our list. They provide very accurate signals and trade primarily on news. They also offer free signals and make sure to share results and analysis of each trade.

However, this high accuracy comes at a very high cost. Cracking Crypto’s paid plans start at $150 per month.


  • Very accurate signals
  • One free signal per day


  • Very expensive pricing

5. Crypto Signals Premium

Crypto Signals Premium is the final option on our premium crypto trading signals list. They offer multiple trading signals for different trading pairs every day. They also share free signals to the free channel as well.

In addition, the significant advantage of Crypto Signals Premium is that they offer the best value for money on our list. With $500, you can gain lifetime access to their signals. 


  • Accurate frequent signals
  • It also provides free crypto signals


  • Crypto Signals Premium doesn’t have separate chat rooms for discussions.


In this article, we’ve discussed our top crypto signal providers on Discord with Crypticorn being our best option. Hopefully, you can select one that offers the best value for money on this list with the information we’ve provided.


What is the best trading signal on Discord?

The best trading signal provider on Discord is Crypticorn. It is an AI-powered server that provides highly accurate signals entirely for free.

Are trading signals illegal?

No, trading signals are completely free. Using trading signals is very similar to copy trading, which is completely legal. So unless your trading signal provider encourages manipulation, it is completely legal.

How do I get legit trading signals?

To get legit trading signals, you should consider joining Crypticorn’s discord server. Or use any of its plethora of crypto price prediction and automated trading tools.

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