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Maximize Mining Profits: A Guide to Joining Mining Pools

Maximize your mining profits by joining a pool. Pooling resources & splitting rewards increase chances of consistent revenue in PoW blockchain

What is Mining Pools ?

Mining is integral to the security of Proof of Work blockchains. By computing hashes with certain properties, participants are able to secure cryptocurrency networks without the need for a central authority.

You could be running several high-powered ASICs, and you’d still be just a drop in the Bitcoin mining ocean. The chances of you actually mining a block are pretty slim, even though you’ve spent a lot of money on your hardware and the electricity required to run it. You don’t have a guarantee on when you’ll get paid with a block reward, or even if you’ll get paid at all. If consistent revenue is what you’re after, you’ll have much greater luck in a mining pool.

Let’s say that you and nine other participants own 0.1% of the network’s total hashing power each. That means that, on average, you would expect to find one in every thousand blocks. With an estimated 144 blocks mined a day, you’d probably find one block a week. Depending on your cash flow and investment into hardware and electricity, this “solo mining” approach could be a feasible strategy.

What if, if you power is not enough to be profitable? so, However, what if this revenue won’t be enough to turn a profit? Well, you could join forces with the other nine participants we mentioned. If all of you combine your hashing power, you’d have 1% of the network’s hash rate. This means you’d find one in every hundred blocks on average, which works out at one to two blocks a day. Then, you could just split up the reward and share it amongst all the involved miners.


Before you decide to join mining pools make sure you understand how it works, what risks are involved and how much you could make.

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