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$AIC Token – AI Crypticorn Public Token Launch ICO

Launch of the public ICO $AIC token sale for artificial intelligence crypto trading bots, signals and more by Crypticorn AI.

Crypticorn AI Token, AI Ecosystem
Crypticorn AI Token, AI Ecosystem

Launch of the $AIC token public sale – AI Crypticorn

Good evening everyone,

We are ready to begin the public presale! First and foremost, here is a brief timeline of the services and their expected launch dates:

  • Whitepaper update and guides: today/tomorrow
  • Crypto Price Predictions: in about 3 days (we are changing from the old to the new dashboard)
  • Discord exclusive membership access
  • AI version 1.4: next weekend
  • AI Crypto Signals: next weekend
  • Decentralised bot to automate signals for Bybit and Bitget: about one/two weeks

Following that, the token holders will decide on the next steps and priorities.

START of the $AIC token sale – The token that powers the whole Crypticorn ecosystem:

Everyone who has previously participated in an ICO may now begin. Everyone else can wait until the guides are ready. Guides on “How to Buy” will be available soon, possibly later today. We are selling 8 million $AIC at 0.027$ in this first public round before moving on to the next round, where the price will rise to 0.034$.

Hint: lower gas fees for ETH

we’re on ERC20 for a few good reasons, but gas fees for transactions can be quite high. They are significantly lower in the early morning or on weekends. I would buy when Gwei is under 12, and in Metamask, you can use “SLOW” to make the transaction cheaper.

Access to Crypticorn:

Almost any amount of $AIC tokens can be purchased. If you spend at least $900 USD on $AIC tokens, you will have access to everything for the next three months. The $AIC tokens are still yours; they have not vanished. If the price of the $AIC token rises above the lifetime access threshold, you will have lifetime access to services, rewards, profit-sharing, and all other incentives. You can also buy multiple times in multiple rounds, but keep in mind that the price of the $AIC token rises with each round. This means you will profit twice: you will gain access while also holding the token that will rise in value.

Personally, I see Crypticorn, and its game-changing technology at a market capitalization of 20-30 million dollars within the next 6 to 9 months, implying a $AIC price of 0.2-0.3 dollars (10x from now).

How to buy the $AIC Token:

  1. Go to https://app.crypticorn.com/ and sign up
  2. Go to the token sale page
  3. Connect your wallet, choose the amount of tokens you want, or the amount you want to invest in ETH or USDT (ERC20)
  4. Confirm the transaction
  5. Done! You are part of the world-changing ecosystem of Crypticorn!

Questions? @everyone ⁠💬┃general-chat in Discord or Telegram, please don’t private message the team

Cheers, Crypticorn 🤗

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