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Crypticorn AI: What is new in our crypto trading space 15.11.2022

CRYPTICORN AI Trading: Cryptocurrency updates general

The last announcement was a while back. So we thought to make one to keep you updated as time passes by. What is going on behind the “closed doors” of CRYPTICORN?
-> Tbh. A LOT!

We could say it is a critical phase as we make every day progress or learn from failures to strengthen the AI. We all have witnessed what happened to FTT and FTX and how a few tweets, some news can easily pump and dump the whole market! For the HODLers I hope you started filling your bags – as I did. Might be the last time we can buy this cheap. SOL is 15x away from its all time high.

CRYPTICORNs artificial intelligence performance update soon

But back to the topic. We see how much the market reacts on news, unemployment rates and so on. Hence we didn’t made any predictions… one Tweet and all your open positions can be turned into losses… And those news, tweets, this is what WAS missing at CRYPTICORN’s AI. Yes, you read correct, I said it was missing. The AI get’s feelings and will be able to not only read Twitter. She will be able to unterstand what is going on to make better predictions about the Market. This will help us to make profits in these times too! We have been working for month on this, because it was very complicated and will take us a few more weeks to make it perfect. So we are glad that you are this patient.

AI cryptocurrency prediction dashboard

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction with Artificial Intelligence of ZILUSDT

For the Prediction Dashboard we sadly can’t give an update as we are still waiting for feedback from the dev. who made it, so we are able to work on it…

UPDATE: the freelancer developer contacted us right after we made that announcement in our Discord Channel! So, looks like we can continue with this. We keep you updated on this.

CRYPTICORNs new team member

Will support us with developer tasks and the Prediction Dashboard in the future. This means CRYPTICORN Team has grown to 5 members now. In Total we are three developers and two marketing experts. With this team we continue to make CRYPTICORN even better.

Your Opinion is needed

As we grow and our CRYPTICORN’s AI grows, our Expenes do as well… So we thought about creating an own Token/Cryptocurrency, or issue some limited life time access passes to finance this project and to make it available, cheaper, more profitable, just better for you guys! What do you think about this? -> message us in our Discord’s 💬┃general-chat
Thanks for your Opinion on this matter it is really important to us.


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