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Crypticorn’s Artificial Intelligence Crypto Price Predictions

Crypticorn’s AI predictions for cryptocurrencies explained. Understand the Prediction Dashboard from our artificial intelligence for profitable crypto trading

Date: 16.02.2023, Dashboard Version: v0.1.6, AI Version 1.3

Before you can start trading with our artificial intelligence you should read the following words to better understand the AI and the crypto predictions made by here.

Prediction Dashboard Overview

Below you can see Crypticorn’s Prediction Dashboard. On the left you have a few features you don’t need in this early stage, so we move on to the important parts. In the top of the picture, you can see the search bar. Simply search for the coin names you want to check. Below that you can see the current “Fear and Greed Index” and next to it the “Market Prediction Index”.

The “Market Prediction Index” is a histogram of all the predictions the AI has made with height of the predictions on the x-axis and number of predictions in the range as height. To say it in layman’s terms: It just shows you all predictions from the AI and how she says the overall market.

If you scroll down, you can see all the predictions the artificial intelligence currently offers. You can filter them for height price change prediction or just for market cap of the coins. On the right side of the coin name, you can see the time when the last prediction was made. This is very important. Always check how old the prediction was, because in the meantime things could have changed. Like new information, new candles and so on. Personally, I would trade predictions that are older than 15 minutes. But it is up to you.

Under the time stamp you can see a percentage which can be green or red. This number shows the peak of the prediction in percent. The prediction graph itself is green when the last price (the predicted price in 6 hours) is higher than the current price and red when the last price is lower than the current price. Just click on the prediction you want to see in detail.

AI Crypto Price Prediction Dashboard overview
AI Crypto Price Prediction Dashboard overview

AI Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Explained

On the top left you see the coin name and the can button to get back to the overview. Under that you see the prediction direction. SHORT when the last price is under the current price and vice versa for LONG as already explained above. On the right side you can see the current date and time and how old the prediction is.

And below we have the heart of what we do: the artificial intelligence predicting the cryptocurrency prices. This is the AI making prediction for the crypto market without any filters or changes, just pure data.

Well, let’s explain the chart. As of today, we predict the next 6 hours in 15minute steps. The next 24 close prices of 15min candles. The redline has the lowest probability of where the price will be. The dark red (or green) area has the next higher probability for the close price to be there about 50%. The light red (or green) and the dark red (or green) area combined have the highest probability for the close price to be in this area of 80%. This is how the AI works. I guess you already figured it out yourself, the close or the smaller the dark and light red (or green) area is the more confident the AI is that the price will be in that area.

Artificial Intelligence Bot to predict cryptocurrency chart prices explained
Artificial Intelligence Bot to predict cryptocurrency chart prices explained

A few side notes we noticed while testing to improve your trading.

  1. I wouldn’t enter a trade when there is a huge gap between the current price and the next predicted price.
  2. After a huge and sudden pump or dump we wouldn’t do any trades. This is very likely caused by any news which the current version of the AI doesn’t have.
  3. Avoid trading sidewards trends with low percentages like 0.2%. This can work when you just want to scalp the volatility but it isn’t recommended.
  4. Do some own analysis. It is very helpful to check for support and resistance lines before doing trades. This can give you a better entry.
  5. If you entered a trade you can follow the AI all the way till she changes her mind. And when she does do not panic. Move your stop loss and maybe wait for the next new price prediction.
  6. The AI is not magical get quick rich tool and please always do proper risk management. Be careful when there is a lot of fear or greed in the market with high volatility.


This is how Crypticorn’s AI Prediction Dashboard works. At least with the current Prediction Dashboard Version v0.1.6 and AI Version 1.3 (we keep you updated on changes). I hope this little blog will help you to start trading cryptocurrencies much more profitable as ever before. Please join our Discord, Telegram and Twitter to always be update with the latest changes, improvements and updates.

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  1. Very useful article to understand the basics of the dashboard and the AI itself.
    Thanks to the team for taking time by writing these blog posts in order to help beginners to delve into the fascinating but complex world of AI trading.

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