Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe? Are my Coins Safe?

Definitely! That is one of our aspects and there are two reasons for this. Access to your account is via API keys which only you control and can therefore determine what is possible with it. Find out here what the API Keys are all about and what you have to pay attention to. Hackers target large providers as this is where all access data or even the users' capital is stored. This is not the case with us! We neither save your login details nor do we manage your capital. Our bots are decentralized with you. If you have any further concerns or questions, just contact us.

How much profit can I make with a Crypto Trading Bot?

We try to make using a crypto trading bot as easy as possible, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee any profits. The profits depend on various factors, such as the settings used and the current market situation. This is also due to the high volatility of the crypto markets. You can also use a bot to protect yourself against such a volatility, or use the crypto trading bot to buy just such dips.

Do I need to deposit funds to you?

No absolutely not! We do not need any funds from you, any login information or your API keys. So only you have control.

Is it easy to use and to understand?

Yes! One of our main goals is to make crypto trading bots available to everyone. Thus, no previous knowledge is required or required. We explain the strategies of our Crpyot Trading Bots to you here. against such a volatility, or use the crypto trading bot to buy just such dips.

Weren't all of your questions answered? Then take a look at our other FAQs or write to us personally on Discord.